„(…) said Mr Strzezysz”, czyli w „Chronicle” znowu o Nowaku!

Ukazująca się w Bulawayo gazeta po raz pierwszy pisała o polskim podróżniku 2 stycznia 1934. Za sprawą uczestników etapu „Gdzie krokodyl zjada słońce” po ponad 76 latach Kazimierz Nowak znowu trafił na jej łamy. I to w jakim stylu!

W poniedziałek, 16 sierpnia 2010 roku, artykuł zatytułowany „Tourists honour Polish explorer” znalazł się w „Chronicle” wśród najważniejszych newsów dnia. Warto przeczytać całość – popularyzacja Nowaka i idei naszej sztafety naprawdę na najwyższym poziomie:

Tourists honour Polish explorer

Chronicle Reporter

FOUR cyclists from Poland are in Bulawayo on a tour of the country in honour of their country’s legend Kazimierz Nowak who travelled around Africa between 1931 and 1936. Nowak died in Poland in 1937, 10 months after the tour. The four are part of a group of 90 Polish citizens who go by the name Afryka Nowaka who set on the journey around Africa in 2008 and are scheduled to complete the trip next year. Each group of four covers each country in a month using bicycles before passing on the bicycles to another group to continue with the journey.

Brennabor, the same brand that was used by Nowak in his tour during the 1930s, manufactured the bicycles. In an interview yesterday, the group spokesperson, Mr Piotr Strzezysz, said they took over from a group that had gone on a tour of Zambia. So far the group has covered Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and now Zimbabwe.

“We started cycling from Victoria Falls towards Bulawayo three weeks ago. Along the way we would visit some of the places that Nowak passed through to find out if there are some who still remember him,” said Mr Strzezysz. He said a group that toured Libya met an 88-year-old man who said he remembered Nowak.

“In Zimbabwe we found places like Mpindo and Teakland. During the journey, we want to meet people and understand their way of life. Nowak has been forgotten in Poland but what he did in Africa was spectacular as he travelled by boat and bicycle for thousands of kilometres,” said Mr Strzezysz.

“We also read about him in the Chronicle newspaper published on 2 January 1934. We want him to be known especially in the world of artificial heroes. It is not about physical but mental strength to travel around the world to meet people.”

Mr Strzezysz said they wanted the people of Poland to have a better appreciation of Africa. “Everyone is invited to join the tour even if they are not from Poland,” said Mr Strzezysz. The group left Bulawayo yesterday for Beitbridge where they will give the bicycles to another group in South Africa. Mr Strzezysz said after the tour, they would publish a book with pictures and personal accounts of the group’s members on their experiences during the tour.

Źródło: http://www1.chronicle.co.zw/inside.aspx?sectid=11133&livedate=8/16/2010%2012:00:00%20AM&cat=1

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